After much discussions with the eThekwini Transport Authority Department (City) around the Taxi’s operating in the precinct, a conclusion has been reached and we are pleased to state that the Taxi’s have been instructed to revert back to operating on Mahatma Gandhi Road.

The taxi’s have been using Albert Terrace, Camperdown Road and Timeball Boulevard to access Mahatma Gandhi Road Extension during the Sewer line Construction that was conducted on Mahatma Gandhi Road.  The construction came to an end on the 29th of March 2018, and the road has been opened from the beginning of April 2018.  It has been a challenge to get the Taxi’s to revert back to using Mahatma Gandhi Road and only after a number of meetings with affected parties, was an agreement reached.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that effective 1st of June 2018 the Taxi’s will not be operating on the roads inside the Precinct.  They will come in through Mahatma Gandhi Road or Albert Terrace, drive to the circle on Southampton Street, join Mahatma Gandhi Road all the way to the circle on the extension and will exit on Mahatma Gandhi Road.   The approval from the City (ETA Department) was finalized and all the Drop-off and Pick-up signs within the Precinct have been removed to accommodate this change.  The Parking bays that were marked Yellow have also been changed back to white (Parking bays).

Kindly note that intense meetings are being held with the City to allocate proper Drop-off and Pick-up zones for the taxi’s on Mahatma Gandhi Road, to ensure the taxi’s behave whilst operating in the area.

We will now approach the City regarding the People Mover Buses.

Taxi's route in and out of the Precinct
Taxi’s route in and out of the Precinct

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