What is the extent of the Durban Point Development Area?

The Durban Point Development Area includes the uShaka Marine World and extends from Bell Street to the harbour entrance and from the beachfront to Point Road. The site measures 55ha of which uShaka Marine World takes up 10ha while the balance of 45ha is to be developed as a series of precincts collectively known as Durban Point. By comparison the land area of the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town is 88ha in extent.

Who owns the land between the developed areas and the sea?

The areas (Precincts 2, 4, 5, 6) belong to the Durban Point Development Company.

When will the new developments start?

Phase 1 will commence (Reticulation Services) in June 2016.  The actual work will start towards the end of 2016

Who owns the land immediately bordering the development area boundaries towards the harbour?

The land on the harbour side of Point Road, as well as the current harbour entrance area, is owned by the National Ports Authority.

How are the directors selected for DPWMA?

The directors, all of whom act in a non-executive capacity, comprise the following individuals:

  • One representing the Development Company (UEM Sunrise)
  • One representing the City
  • One representing uShaka Marine World
  • One representing the Watersports Club

How are Rocpoint, who put forward detailed plans for Durban Point several years ago, still involved?

Rocpoint (Pty) Ltd is a joint and equal shareholder of Durban Point Development Company, along with the Durban Infrastructural Development Trust, a development trust of the eThekwini Municipality.