Added on June 26, 2016 Category Precinct Developed


The sites available for development within
the Precinct 1 provides not only new
development opportunities, but enclose the
precinct boundaries. Built form along the
perimeter of the precinct will play a major
factor in defining the overall character of
the precinct.


Land Use

The new sites are available for mixed use
opportunities allowing for residential,
commercial or retail use. However it would
expected that the sites are more conducive
to commercial development.


Built Form

The sites are clearly identified as providing
anchors to the existing development so that
they form the gateway buildings that add
significance to the urban space.


Green Links

The revision to the Development
Framework Plan takes advantage of
creating green links that runs from to the
beachfront through to the heart of the
Precinct 1. Major Green spaces are situated
along these Green links to maximise public
activation and usage.