Added on June 26, 2016 Category New Development - Phase 2


These are large lots with great potential for interesting and
diverse developments with good access and proximity to the
adjoining developments. Lots 6.2 and 6.5 are ideally placed
for large developments with road access all around the lot.


Land Use

The sites are zoned for mixed use but offer the greatest
diversity of development because of their location. Their
potential for commercial opportunity is probably most
favoured in the plan.


Built Form

The design intent for the built form is to create a podium
development that could create a series of retail and
commercial opportunities at street level, with the towers
placed at the corners of the site to maximise views yet
anchor the urban streetscape.


Green Links

Precinct 6 will serve as the start of the major green links
systems within various precincts in the development. There
are major green spaces that regulate the continuity and
harshness of built form along the gateway.