Added on June 26, 2016 Category New Development - Phase 2


The lots are sized suitable to accommodate large individual
developments on each block of land. There are pedestrian green
links that cut through these sites to the beachfront to ensure that
there is permeability by others either living working or visiting
the precinct.


Land Use

The land use although flexible here, is essentially targeted at
the residential market with retail and commercial at the podium
levels. However, the anchor or icon site at the eastern end offers
the ideal opportunity for a mixed use tower.


Built Form

Although these are large buildings and they do continue the
language of the entire Golden Mile, the controls are to guide the
development to ensure that there is permeability and visibility
to beachfront.


Green Links

The green links system within beach precinct is an extension of
the green link system of the Precinct 1. Dedicated shareways
throughout the precinct will ensure maximum permeability from
the central development to the beachfront, affirming visual and
physical connectivity and continuity. These shareways also act as
major green spaces, with the potential for public activation
and occupation.