Added on June 26, 2016 Category New Development - Phase 1


The development lots are part of the first opportunity to
reinvigorate the Point with early developments.


Land Use

Although in the revised Development Framework Plan the
sites are zoned mixed use, these particular sites currently
have a couple of development opportunities. Of these includes
the provision of a five star hotel and a large retail development
adjoining and linking to the uShaka development.


Built Form

Although there is only a recommended height control being
suggested as part of the development proposal, Lot 2.1 is to
have a 36 storey hotel with an adjoining residential tower of
30 storeys. The retail would be three storeys tall.


Green Links

The green links system within the Precinct 2 is an extension
of the green link system of Precinct 1.
Areas adjacent to canal that cut through the Precinct 2
will also be utilised as public green domain, and have the
potential to be adapted into major green links.
There is also a provision for a dedicated pedestrian link
between the hotel and adjacent residential tower within the