We are all concerned about the spread of the Coronavirus which has affected many countries.

DPWMA has been tracking the outbreak from the start and have planned our responses in advance.  We are well prepared to support our people and our communities in addressing this challenge, and some of the measures we are taking are;

  • We have strengthened our hygiene measures at our office and at the Contractors site to reduce the risk for customers and staff
  • We are conducting intensive training, education and recommunication of hygiene practices throughout our people.
  • All non-essential travel has been restricted

As always, we remain vigilant and responsive to the situation and the needs of our people as the situation develops.

We encourage everyone to remain calm and take heed of the recommended personal hygiene measures that support the containment of any such outbreak.

Let’s all work together in everything we do to live this purpose – for each other and for our country. 

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